Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kaitlyn's Ear Surgery

I decided to post some pictures of Kaitlyn's surgery. This is my poor, pathetic girl before surgery:

She was very anxious so they gave her something to calm her down (too bad they couldn't give something to her parents, too). The stuff made her LOOPY, but fortunately it did calm her down. Grandma loved being there with her, and Kaitlyn loved having her there.

This is her soon after surgery. She decided she didn't want to wear the hospital gown anymore. Can't say I blame her. The big white thing over her ear is supposed to protect it, but she ripped it off 3 or 4 times while we were at the hospital.
The stuffed animal is Horton. She took it into surgery with her, and the surgeon wrapped his head with gauze and put a bandage on his ear. It was very sweet.


Jenalee said...

Ugh, those pictures break my heart! Poor girl! I hope she is doing well and everything turns out just as planned. I hope Horton has a speedy recovery as well.

Eric said...

THANK YOU for not posting more graphic pics of K's procedures. I don't like it when people post graphic pictures on their blogs.

Have you seen Jenalee's husband's blog? It's pretty fascinating from a medical standpoint:

Salina said...

I just found your blog through julie's! Glad K's surgery went well! And I feel the same way about Lagoon (you know once you've tasted DL....) but we are planning on meeting cousins there on the 1st, so that should be fun for the little ones.

Kelly said...

Poor baby! She's one tough cookie. My kids struggle with shots, but need to see what other kids go through.