Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm back!

After an extended absence, I'm back! We've had a few crazy months.

First, I had surgery in mid-August to remove scar tissue from the surgery when I had the tumor removed (long story for another day). They basically had to saw me in half to do it, so I had a pretty lengthy recovery.

Then the power cord for the computer broke and I didn't want to spend $120 for a new one so we were without a computer for a couple months. I finally decided to look on eBay and found one for $20, so we have computer access once again! Long live eBay.

And last Monday Kaitlyn had surgery to correct the midface deficiency. It was a pretty involved process, so I'll have to give details another day. I don't have any pictures transferred to my computer yet, so when I get them I'll post an email update.

Be back soon!