Saturday, July 12, 2008


We went to the Uintahs last week and Grandpa Roy brought along his fishing pole. I was a bit nervous because Kaitlyn went through a phase last year where she thought she was a fish, but then decided she was a shark so she could eat fish (except puffer fish which are evidently poisonous to sharks), and then decided she wasn't actually a shark but was indeed a puffer fish because they were smarter than sharks. Anywho, I wasn't quite sure how she would take it if she figured out that the thing on the end of the pole used to be alive, and was now going to be dinner (GAG, by the way, but maybe I can be a grownup and not instill my hatred of seafood in my children).

Well, I was right to worry. She was fascinated by the fish Grandpa caught and while poking at it explained that the fish needed to find its family, so I had to gently explain that the fish was dead and wouldn't live with its family any more. She then said that the fish needed to find its DEAD family, not its ALIVE family. Yes, really. And of course things that I never thought I'd have to say were flashing through my head (although I blew it because it would have been the perfect time to talk about eternal fish families...).

Luckily I was spared from having to form an intelligent comment because at that moment Grandpa decided to gut the fish. This turned out to be the most fascinating thing Kaitlyn had ever seen and we couldn't tear her away from it (and we tried - if for no other reason than to spare me the horror of having to try to explain to her what he was doing).

When Grandpa was finished, he very kindly allowed Kaitlyn to hold the fish's head so she could examine it up close and personal. She stared in its eyes, stuck her finger in its mouth, and tried to feed it a worm. I guess the conversation on death hadn't gone as well as I'd hoped. She played with it for about 10 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore and made her put it down. Then Grandpa cooked it and shared it with her (but first he tried to convince me that I should try the fish because he was just sure I would love it. Why is it everyone is convinced that if they prepare the fish themselves I'll magically decide I like it? Fish is fish is fish, and it's disgusting even if it's coated in chocolate).

So that was Kaitlyn's first experience as a fisherwoman. It was a raging success, which makes me nervous since we don't even own a fishing pole. Hopefully Grandpa will be willing to take her on more expeditions, since I certainly don't plan on it.


Jenalee said...

Fishing as a child makes the best memories!! I think it says a lot of you as a mother that you let her experiment even though you were struggling with the entire process.

When I was a small child I made my own fishing pole with a stick and some string. Not fishing line, string. I put a hook and a leaf on the end, propped it up, and went to play. Hours later, when I came back, there was a fish on the line. It happened over and over again. It was only last year that I realized all the fish I caught were dead and that my dad had put the fish he caught on my line. Still, it's a great memory.

My point is, its all about the memory!

Stephanie said...

What a sweet story! You're right, it is about the memories. I hope I have the strength to keep it up.

Kelly said...

Hey Steph! How can you hate fish!!?? I LOVE it! Hee-hee! (I know, shut-up Kelly!). That's great that she enjoyed fishing. I took Bruce and I fishing on our honeymoon. Remember that? Uncle Fred and Uncle Harry got us fishing equipment to take with us to Big Bear.



BTW...The whole gang says, "Hello!"

Salina said...

Boy you were brave! But what a great experience. Just let me know when she's going again and I'll send Carissa....cause I will NOT be catching anything...except at the grocery store!!! (I personally LOVE fish!) Well anything except trout and river stuff. I like the exotic stuff...the salmon, halibut and swordfish! Sorry, I know you're gagging over there!

Tiff said...

Kaitlyn makes me smile! I can't wait for Hudson to tell me more about what he is thinking!

Amiee said...
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Amiee said...

Your Family is so so cute!
I bet the kids had so much fun...