Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas was a blast. This is the first year the kids have really understood what was going on, and they thought carefully about what they would ask for from Santa. Kaitlyn asked for Bumblee (the Transformer), then wondered if she could only ask for one thing or if she could ask for more. I thought that was so sweet, since most kids ask for tons of stuff (I know I did!). I told her she could ask for more, so she asked for boxing gloves and a hunting game for her game cube. So let me recap. My 7 year old girl asked for a Transformer, boxing gloves, and a shooting, killing animals game. So very sweet. We had to explain that Santa may be able to bring a game and may even bring a new game system (Mom asked for a Wii), but that hunting games were only for older kids so he may not bring one to a 7 year old. Fortunately, Santa did bring the Wii and even brought a few games, so she wasn't too disappointed that she didn't get a hunting game.


Ashton's request, on the other hand, wasn't quite as straightforward. He asked Santa for "way way wogs." I said, "Way way wogs?" and he said, "No, way way wogs." I guess you can't argue with a 4 year old. So after trying out several combinations of the L, R, and W sounds I came up with... are you ready for it... RAILWAY LOGS!!! Great. I figured out what he was asking for, but then I had to figure out what it was. But thanks to that magical invention Google, and lots and lots of luck, we figured out it was a Lincoln Logs train set thing. Yippeeee!!!
Back to Google to try to find it. There were several different sets and one was only $25. Yay! Could luck be on my side?
Nope. Turns out that ALL the Lincoln Logs train sets except for one that cost $200 (yes, that's two hundred dollars) had been DISCONTINUED. Really. I looked on eBay and found one that had been discontinued, but the price of the set plus shipping was $90. Santa really can't afford $90 presents (the Wii came from the golf tournament - long story) so we were panicking a little bit. I told my friends to be on the lookout, and believe it or not one of my friends found one at Sam's Club (thanks, Melinda!). So I rushed over there and... du du du duhhhhhhhhhhh... I got it! Whew. Crisis averted.

And with the killer radio controlled Hummer he got from Grandma and Grandpa Roach:

One of the best things about Christmas was that my dad came and stayed with us for a week! The kids had so much fun playing with him and it was nice to have him around.

So that was our Christmas. It was a blast, but I'm oh so glad it's over.


Janzen said...

How Fun. You camera takes great pictures. I'll be over soon to play the Wii.

Eric said...

Your life is boring. I'm not putting my name to this comment or you won't be my friend anymore. But your life is boooo-ring.


I can't say who or you'll be mad.

Eric said...


Stacy Smith said...

Hey Steph! Your pictures are fun- I can't believe how grown up Ashton looks! Hey, I just started a blog too- come see! Its Right now, its mostly about Max, because it saves me from having to tell the story a million times!