Saturday, June 28, 2008

First blog - Introducing Mike and Stephanie

I figured it's time to start our blog, so here goes. My hope is that we will become rich and famous with this blog, so check back often because it will be funny, touching, intelligent, and overall the most life-altering thing you have ever read.

Ha ha.

Quick background on us: We are Mike, Stephanie, Kaitlyn, and Ashton Roach. Mike and I met when we were juniors at Taylorsville High School. Eleven short years later, we finally decided to get married. In between, Mike served an LDS mission to Tacoma Washington, then came home and graduated from the University of Utah with a BA. in History. He became a teacher at Eisenhower Jr. High School, where he still is today.

After high school, I lived in the dorms at the University of Utah for two years, then went to Luxembourg for a year where I studied French and worked as an au pair. Living in Europe was an amazing experience, and I'm so glad I got the chance to play before settling down. After I got back from Europe, I served a mission to Richmond Virginia, then came home and finished school. Mike and I married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple four years later. We celebrated our 10 year anniversary on June 12th, so we've made it to the double digits. I feel like such a grown up.

As I mentioned before, Mike teaches History at Eisenhower Jr. High School. He's been there for around 12 years, but I have a hard time keeping track. In addition to teaching he manages the student body officers and cheerleaders. He is an amazing teacher and the students (well, most of them) love him. He's also working with his stepfather laying hardwood floors. It's a tough job, but I love that he's learning such a useful skill. He doesn't know it yet, but he will be putting his new skill to use at our house very soon. ;o)

I'm a partial stay-at-home mom, meaning that (as all stay-at-home moms know) I do anything BUT stay at home. I was far less busy when I was working full time. Between working with Kaitlyn and Ashton's schools, shuttling them back and forth from doctor's appointments, gathering information for and fighting with the insurance company, dealing with everyday life, going to the gym because I'm DETERMINED to get in better shape, oh - and teaching violin, I'm rarely at home (well, I teach from home but that doesn't count). I love being busy, but sometimes I could use some boredom! And luckily I have some good friends in the neighborhood who give me some diversion once in a while and keep me from going insane.

Just a side note on the gym - I love going, and love the fact that I'm doing something almost entirely for myself. I also love being healthier and stronger and enjoy seeing my progress. My goal is to run the Salt Lake Half Marathon on April 28 2009, St. George in 2010, Los Angeles in 2011, New York in 2012, Seattle Washington in 2013, Richmond Virginia in 2014 (back to my mission stomping ground), whichever is my favorite in 2015 (it will be my qualifying race), and Boston in 2016 (as a present to myself for a significant birthday. I won't say which, but if you can add you can probably figure it out).

This is turning out to be much longer than I thought, so I think I'll give the kids their own blog. Bye for now!


Eric said...

I read part one hoping it would be less boring than part two.

Oh well.

Still, well done!

Handsome Kenley

Jenalee said...

I have words to describe him. They are inappropriate for this blog. I think you are doing a great job. Welcome to the blogging world!!

Tiff said...

No way! Ryan and I went to Taylorsville... and I went to Eisenhower! That is crazy! :) I'm glad you started a blog! Mine is private, but if you want to read it... e.mail me and I will invite you! :)

Jen said...

Hey Stephanie!! I found your blog off Julies. Its so fun to read up on what is going on with you guys! That is so funny because I went to Taylorsville and to Eisenhower- and I was there when your husband taught! I just now made the connection of who Mr Roach is!! Lol... Anyway- hope things are going well for you. Lets keep in touch- even if only through the blogging world. ;)